Police Possibly Found Body of Andrew Koenig

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On Thursday Feb. 25, police told that they possibly found the body of former "Growing Pains" star Andrew Koenig who suddenly disappeared since Feb. 14 in Vancouver park, Canada.


On Thursday afternoon, Vancouver police found a body in Stanley Park and believed that was possibly of actor Andrew Koenig.


Last week, the son of actor Walter Marvin Koenig, was informed to have been missed for a week after he told his parents that he came to visit his friends in Vancouver. The disappearance made his family and friends concerned.


On Wednesday, father Walter Koenig and his wife released an emotional message pledging their son to contact them with the hope that their son was still OK.


According to Walter Koenig, famous for his role in the original "Star Trek" television show, Andrew felt into depression for a long time and may in a very deep depression at the time before appearing. The 41-year-old actor cleaned out his home in Los Angeles three weeks before. Though suffering strong depression, his parents said that Andrew has stopped taking his antidepressant medicines for a year.


According to Tim Fanning, staff of Vancouver police, since Feb. 16 Andrew Koenig did not use his mobile phone and had no bank transaction. He said that Vancouver police had carefully searched Andrew in the Stanley Park -a 1,000-acre, thickly forested park- but found no evidence of him in the last few days.


Andrew Koenig was never been heard about as a drinking or drug user. Police also said that they believed he was still in Vancouver but found nowhere to search unless they get more information.


Judith Koenig, sister of the actor, told the media that she was informed by Andrew's friends about his detachment before vanishing.


Andrew Koenig was born on August 17 in 1968. He played Richard "Boner" Stabbone in more than two dozen late-1980s episodes on the sitcom "Growing Pains". He is the video producer for the podcast Never Not Funny. Since Feb. 10, he lived with burlesque dancer Jenny Magenta.


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Police Possibly Found Body of Andrew Koenig

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This article was published on 2010/02/26