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You will find various adverts for celebrity cruises as well as lots of offers for Christmas cruises with a variety of cruising choices wherever you look today.

Would you like to book an alternative holiday with one of your favorite stars on board a luxury cruise ship.

These cruises travel in lots of different exotic regions in the world and not just in the Western Mediterranean. In fact, the Caribbean is probably a more popular destination.

Do they offer the same amount of experience when you are aboard the ship as they seem to when watching the ads at home on the TV?

To begin with the biggest cruise trip operators have celebrity cruises on offer so you know that your money is pretty much safe with them. Just find out when your favorite celeb or sports star is cruising. Lots of guests on the boat will then have the same tastes so it will be easy to benefit from making friends with so much to talk about.

Why do these celebrities make these celebrity cruises?

  • Money is often a factor. It can be a part of their work activities so make sure that that does not concern you.
  • They may have a new entertainment album or film available on a few days soon. They do like to do this aboard celebrity cruises sometimes. You could then be one of the first people to get to hear and see how good it is. A preview of new entertainment can be the best motivation for your traveling. If you are really lucky you could find a seat available at their dining table for dinner.
  • They could be there to support charity activities. If you agree with that charity, you will get double the fun and help to share your enthusiasm with the other passengers.
  • You need to find out whether the celebrity will be traveling for all of the cruise for all the journey or just mini cruising for one day or part of the week. They are not always able to fit in more than a fleeting visit because of their hectic schedules. You may not consider it worthwhile if they are only on board for a short time.
  • Ascertain whether the ship is full of fans or whether it is just a select few adults. In which case you will get a better experience of meeting, talking, shaking hands and getting an autograph.

One word of warning though. Your family may not be as keen on the celebrity as you are. Don't allow the kids yearly vacation to be spoilt for your personal amusement.

Celebrity cruises are more expensive compared to a standard Mediterranean cruise, therefore you have to consider carefully and budget the cost before you book it.

If this is the first embarkation on your planned celebrity cruises vacation help to make it affordable with your onboard value booklet.

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Spend A Vacation With You Favorite Celebrity

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This article was published on 2010/10/11